10 Unusual Christmas Gifts For Cat Lovers

Are you, like me, racking your brains to know what to buy for the cat lover in your life this Christmas?

Over the years, you’ve stocked up on address books, woven bags, stuffed animals, and decorations for them.

But this year you want to get something different and show that Santa isn’t in trouble.

To prevent you from desperately looking for inspiration in the store, I want to give you a series of unusual gift ideas for cat lovers to stimulate your appetite and make you think. Then you master all the new ideas and prepare to enter the store and the Internet in a lively and purposeful way.

1. Cat seeds – no – they are not for raising your own cat! They are the seeds of plants that cats in your life love. Therefore, even if your cat lover only has one window frame, they will like these seeds to give their cat a treat. Cats love the scent of these plants and find intoxicating scents. They chew and digest other plants to obtain the fiber they need. Some garden centers/nurses sell special selections of catnip, oats, annual ryegrass, wheat and common garden lettuce that are particularly suitable for cats. Or you can buy the seeds separately from a gardening supply store.

2. Cat and Mouse Pad – For cat lovers who like to stay indoors, why not opt ​​for a cat and mouse pad for them and their computer? They can be purchased with specific cat breeds. There are always classic works like cute kittens and black cats. Computer stores and stationery stores should have these. It may also be worth checking out eBay and related internet sites.

3. Cat Cell Phone Charm – Assuming your cat lovers are happy to exist in the 21st century, they probably have a cell phone. The latest accessory is a cell phone strap that adorns and personalizes your phone at the same time. Most department stores offer a variety of options.

4. Subscribe to CAT magazine – now there are magazines about everything. I know there are at least 3 professional cat magazines, and I bet you can find more. They all have detailed information about the subscription costs and at this time of year they usually advertise special offers such as half price or free (cat related) gifts to cancel the subscription. Even if your cat lover buys himself a monthly magazine, you can save him monthly expenses, and by giving him a gift that can last a whole year, they can put themselves in their good book!

5. CAT PORTRAIT-Make a more personalized gift for your cat lovers. How about a hand drawn/painted portrait of their favorite cat? The artist advertises on the back of women’s magazines and in advertisements on the Internet. The price is only € 5.00. But you need a photo of the cat in question that the artist can copy.

6. Cat candles – cat shaped candles are now in the store. Some are so beautiful it’s almost a shame to light them. However, whether your cat lovers choose to use or display them, it doesn’t detract from their uniqueness.

7. Mechanical cat – this is the newest toy. Although it is a toy, it is the perfect gift for cat lovers around the world. It costs around £40.00 and can be found in most toy stores and department stores. I’m not sure what the correct name is or who made it, but they are so lifelike they actually meow. If you hang the rope in front of them, they will even try to grab it. They are of course very beautiful, if your cat lover rests, you do not eat anything and you do not have to enter the cattery.

8. CAT WEATHERVANE- for cat lovers who have it all. Where’s the cat weather vane? A beautiful piece of work that can put their home on a high spot for all to view and comment on. This can be custom made, or if you’re lucky some department stores and local garden centers may stock it.

9. Cat trimmer – stay out of the house – a cute and unusual idea is the cat wire trimmer – so that even your cat lovers’ hedges can be made in the shape of a cat. Major department stores or your local nursery may resell these. You can also check out some special Christmas catalogs at this time of year.

10. CAT FAIRY LIGHTS-The rest of the festive atmosphere, a set of cat fairy tales, prepared for the old Christmas tree, will fall well and can be brought out year after year-when you choose such a beautiful gift of inspiration, it will also be remembered forever!

Have fun shopping because you have many ideas about gifts for cat lovers.

I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


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