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If you are a cat lover, you are almost certain to buy some cat collections at some point. These can be cat-shaped decorations, pictures or even cats on stamps. It’s possible that you started your collection by accident, just like your family and friends buy your cat-related gifts on Christmas or birthday.

This is, of course, another problem for people who are classified as “cat lovers” by the people closest to them. They almost always get cat-related items. It’s easy to test if you fall into this category and look at your latest set of birthday cards. How many are of a species of cats? If more than half, then for your family and friends, you are a cat lover.

There’s not much point in fighting it, so what you need to do is decide what kind of collection you want to build. When you collect cat accessories, there are such a wide variety of options, it’s best to specialize. This can be a certain brand of decoration or a specific breed of cat.

A very inexpensive comic collection cat series is the Color Box series. These trinkets do not take up too much space and can be combined into a beautiful collection. Companies such as the Franklin Mint often produce limited edition accessories and decorative panels related to cats.

Crested porcelain was already very popular in England at the turn of the 20th century. These decorations are made in various shapes, usually with emblems of towns or cities. There are many examples of cat shapes, these can still be bought at reasonable prices and can make an interesting collection. Some leading crown manufacturers are Goss, Arcadian and Carlton.

During the First World War, postcards were very popular and now there are many collectors. Probably the most popular and expensive cat card is the one with the work of the famous illustrator Louis Wane at the time. The advantage of collecting old cat postcards is that it does not take up space and does not require dust removal.

There is a large selection available for anyone looking to start collecting cat-related items. Collections can be interesting, but be professional or your collection will get out of hand.

As the holidays approach, you may be wondering what cat lovers should give away in life. Whether it’s close friends, co-workers or your significant other, give cat lovers something that reminds them of their favorite animals, you can never go wrong! Here are some great cat themed gift ideas to help you choose the best gift for cat lovers.

Practical gifts

Some great cat themed gifts are actually for cats, not your friends, but depending on the gift, your friends might like it! Scratching posts, cat toys and fancy collars are a great way to let your friends know that you understand the importance of cats in their lives. Scratching posts have made significant progress. They are available in many sizes, designs and colours. The recipient of this gift can thank you for saving the “life” of their couch, couch or chair. More cat-loving cat-themed gift ideas include books, videos, DVDs, mailboxes, bells, door knockers, handmade cat pillows, just to name a few. Practical gifts like these are perfect for a variety of occasions.

cultural cat

Felines play an important role in many different cultures around the world. If you look at this category, you are most likely to find cat themed gifts for the most discerning art collectors. If your friend likes Asian art, would you like to draw a kitten with Japanese brushstrokes on it? If your friends like bolder shapes, check out the jaguars and leopard cats popular in Mayan and Aztec art and sculpture. When talking about cultural cat-themed gifts, think about what cats mean to Egyptians. You will find a large number of counterfeit earrings and necklaces with the goddess Buster of the cat head and many cat statues in various shapes and poses.

soft and cute

For cat lovers who live in an apartment or live with allergic roommates, cat-themed gifts can certainly serve a dual purpose. Choose a cute plush cat from a wide selection. Having something soft and cute can be very helpful, especially if you recently left a cat’s house. Find cuddly cats of different colors and breeds on the internet and make sure your feline friends have something to cherish.

bathroom cat

Other gifts for cat lovers include cat patterned towels, soap dishes and molded soaps, which can be used to brighten up any bathroom. You can also consider a cat themed wall in the form of 3D art walls, prints or photos. It will be nice to greet you in the morning with a sweet cat-shaped toothbrush holder, so check out some cute cat-style household items!

When you buy a dedicated cat fan in your life, there are many options. Remember someone’s personality and preferences to make sure you pick the perfect gift.


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