Strong bounds between cats and humans

Many people think that cats are not really connected to people. I know they do it and it’s very strong. This article contains some unique stories, which actually happened on our farm. And other places prove that cats are wonderful animals. Do you know how useful cats are on the farm? Without cats, your barn and fields will be infested with rodents. Look at New York, they like dogs but not cats, that’s why their city is full of rodents. I think they should switch to cats which would be a very wise move. But it’s a free world, as far as I’m concerned I’d rather have cats than dogs.

Many experts say that cats are strictly independent animals. These experts say that cats choose to interact with humans because of their survival strategies. Although many people oppose this statement, many people agree, although those who agree are usually those who disagree with cat percentiles.

Anyone who has had a cat will tell you that cats are very good to people, even if they are very picky. Normally, the cat will choose people in the house who have been in contact with it. You will know when the cat wants to come into contact with you because it will jump on your lap to attract attention or hug you while you sleep. Purring is a strong emotional signal, especially for cats who want to establish contact.

Although many experts try to find out, no one really knows why cats choose specific people to interact with. It may be someone’s behavior, voice, or just the way the person treats the cat. It may be because this person is very gentle, or slightly stronger, in order to make the best out of the cat.

My mother’s cat Ti Gris

My mother has a cat and is very close to her. He is a big gray male cat, she calls him Ti Gris (little gray cat). She is a chef in a restaurant, and Tigris, who is sometimes very tired, always waits for her to come home. He would roll on his back and make her tickle his stomach. He always managed to put a smile on her face. It can be seen that the two treat each other sincerely. He would snore with her everywhere. One morning, my mother passed away suddenly. My father found her dead in his sleep. After the funeral, Tigris disappeared, and no one saw her again. Without my mother, he doesn’t want to stay at home. No one knows what happened to Ti Gris.

Another interesting story about a specific cat.

After leaving the farm, we bought a new house in a small town. The heating system comes from the underground pipeline of the central oil furnace. Somehow, our kitten found a pipe. If you put her outside, she will always crawl into the pipe and make a very loud meow to get in. Every time we had to remove the floor grille to let her in. My father is impatient with that cat. So he decided to throw her into the woods 50 miles from our house. He never told us, so we think she has just passed away. However, one morning two years later, we heard a loud meow from the hot and airy floor grill. Well, is this weird or what! The cat is back. Explain to me how she found her return after two years and two severe winters! My mother is crying and she looks good too. She surprised us so much that she entered our hearts. We kept her, and no one complained about her bad habits anymore.

About the courage and love of cat life

Again, this story is unusual, but true. There is a big yellow cat on our farm to prevent our farm from being attacked by rodents. He is doing her usual mouse hunting in the hay field. My father is cutting grass with a tractor and a hay harvester. There is a long arm on the side of the hay harvester, and the blade can be moved. Drag the arm under the hay to about an inch above the ground. The poor cat happened to be in the hay field that day, and the lawnmower cut off the top of her four feet. She ran away, leaving blood stains, and hid under a grain store about six inches above the ground. She stayed there for at least a month.

Everyone thought she was dead. But a few months later, she leaned on the tip of the broken claw and jumped back and forth. My father tried to shoot her because he didn’t want her to suffer. He has never succeeded. She became a wild cat, full of hatred towards people. No one can approach her anymore. If you insist on approaching her, she will hiss and snarled and will definitely bite your hand. We call her La Chatte Maline. (Annoying cat) Can you blame her! If someone I trust cuts my leg and tries to shoot me, I certainly won’t like him or them. We just left her alone, and she lived for another six years. I think there must be rodents living under the granary. She has enough food. But how she survived our harsh winter is worthy of admiration. Lonely, injured, proud. She still loves life, which proves the true courage of ordinary domestic cats. They are more admirable than we thought. I certainly admire them very much. So far, they are my favorite animals.

What some researchers think about cats

Researchers have tried many methods to study this topic, one of which is channeling. Some people say that the relationship between a cat and someone is due to.

The truth.

Although there are many theories and speculations, no one really knows why cats combine with humans. Apart from cats and their natural survival instincts, almost no evidence is available. Cat owners know that cats desire to be noticed just to make them feel needed. They like to be petted by their owners, and if you give them a chance, they will pay attention and love to you.

Those who are new to cats may find that intimacy is very different. The difference between cats and other animals (including dogs) lies in the way they combine. The relationship between different breeds of cats and their owners will be different, but most prefer family affection and attention. The longer you stay with your cat, the more it has a relationship with you. Over the years, you will notice that your relationship with your pet has become very strong-and it cannot be broken at all.

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